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Last updated on 25 February 2020 (V02)

Copyright Notice

1. Introduction

1.1 In accordance with the Copyright Act No. 98 OF 1978 as amended, iQ Business Solutions, a subsidiary of iThemba neQiniso (Pty) Ltd, holds the copyright on all materials produced by us.

1.2 Unless a specific exemption has been granted, no copying of any of our charts is permitted, including the rewriting of a document by electronic or mechanical means. The following are some guidelines on iQ Business Solutions copyright rules:

1.2.1. Hard copies: Extracts of an iQ Business Solutions product may not be copied and used as part of a book or product that is sold unless prior permission has been granted by iQ Business Solutions.

1.2.2. Electronic copies: If a client purchases an iQ Business Solutions chart and downloads it as a PDF file from the Webstore or receives it as an attachment to an e-mail, he/she may make one printout of the electronic file. The file may only be used on a standalone computer and not on a file or intranet server. Copying it to a file or intranet server or making multiple copies of it constitutes a violation of copyright rules. In exceptional cases, permission is granted the user to make more than one printout. However, a copyright agreement, to be signed by both parties, will apply in such cases.

2. Bulk Purchasing

Clients must specify to our Sales staff how many copies they intend to print, as in the case of multiple branches. The quote is determined using a sliding scale. This means that a 10-use licence, for example, may be discounted at 15%, off the price of the applicable chart. One printout of the chart per licenced user is permitted.

3. Copyright agreements

Any company or organization wishing to use extracts from copies of charts (hard or electronic copies) as part of lecture material or a commercial product must contact iQ Business Solutions regarding the copyright implications. In such cases, iQ Business Solutions will draw up a copyright agreement that specifies the conditions under which exemption from copyright is granted. This agreement may comprise a once-off payment or royalties for the duration of the agreement.

4. Conclusion

In light of what has been stated above, we trust that you will continue to adhere to iQ Business Solutions copyright rules. Failure to respect iQ Business Solutions copyright and intellectual property may result in breaking the law and in legal penalties.

Warm regards,

Managing Director – iQ Business Solutions